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Medicaid Planning
Long Island, NY

Medicaid planning services encompass strategic financial and legal assistance to help individuals and families navigate the complexities of Medicaid eligibility.

Two hands holding, one from an older person with visible wrinkles and one from a younger person, symbolizing care and support.

Elder Care Advocacy
Long Island, NY

Elder care advocacy involves dedicated support and assistance for seniors and their families in navigating the challenges of aging, healthcare, and long-term care.

An elderly woman with gray hair and a floral blouse smiles while looking at a document that a younger woman in a dark blazer is pointing to, both sitting on a sofa.

Care Coordination
Long Island, NY

Care coordination is a service that aims to streamline and enhance the delivery of healthcare services for individuals, particularly those receiving.

A smiling elderly woman and a cheerful nurse in blue scrubs posing closely for a photo.

Key Contacts And Resources

We value the chance to be part of your wellness team and have compiled a list of resources as well as some Frequently Asked Questions to help you as you investigate various options depending on your unique set of circumstances.