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Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning services encompass strategic financial and legal assistance to help individuals and families navigate the complexities of Medicaid eligibility.

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Medicaid planning services encompass strategic financial and legal assistance to help individuals and families navigate the complexities of Medicaid eligibility and asset protection. These services often involve crafting personalized plans to meet Medicaid requirements while preserving assets and ensuring access to necessary healthcare services.

Medicaid planners work to optimize financial structures, manage income and assets, and employ legal tools such as trusts to achieve eligibility. The goal is to secure comprehensive long-term care coverage, minimize the impact on family resources, and enhance peace of mind for clients facing healthcare-related financial challenges.

  • Financial Assessment: 


    Certified Medicaid Planners conduct a thorough review of the individual's financial situation to determine eligibility for Medicaid. This includes analyzing income, assets, and expenses.

  • Asset Protection Strategies:


    Planners develop and implement strategies to protect assets within the bounds parameters of Medicaid regulations. This may involve structuring assets in a way that aligns with Medicaid guidelines to avoid or minimize spend-down requirements.

  • Trust Planning: 


    Certified Medicaid Planners may recommend and help coordinate irrevocable trusts, such as Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts (MAPTs), to shield assets from Medicaid considerations after the look-back period.

  • Income Planning:


    Planners assist in structuring income to meet Medicaid guidelines. This involves exploring strategies to convert countable income into exempt income, ensuring compliance with eligibility criteria.

  • Spousal Impoverishment Protection:


    For married couples, planners work to protect the financial well-being of the spouse not seeking Medicaid assistance. This involves optimizing the allocation of income and assets to ensure the non-applicant spouse is not left financially vulnerable.

  • Medicaid Application Assistance:


    Planners guide individuals through the Medicaid application process, helping gather required documentation and ensuring accurate and timely submissions to facilitate a smoother approval process.

  • Long-Term Care Planning:


    Certified Medicaid Planners collaborate with individuals and their families to create comprehensive long-term care plans. This may involve exploring options for home care, assisted living, or nursing home care that align with Medicaid benefits.

  • Crisis Planning:


    In situations where immediate Medicaid assistance is needed, planners can provide crisis planning services to help individuals qualify for benefits as quickly as possible while preserving assets.

  • Legal Collaboration:


    Certified Medicaid Planners often work closely with elder law attorneys to address legal aspects of Medicaid planning, such as establishing trusts, drafting necessary legal documents, and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws.

  • Educational Workshops:


    Planners may conduct educational workshops to inform individuals and families about Medicaid eligibility criteria, asset protection strategies, and the importance of proactive planning for long-term care needs.

  • Ongoing Support and Monitoring:


    After Medicaid eligibility is secured, planners provide ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that the individual continues to meet Medicaid requirements. This may involve adapting the plan as circumstances change.

  • Certified Medicaid Planners play a crucial role in helping individuals proactively navigate Medicaid regulations, preserve assets, and ensure access to essential healthcare services. Their expertise is valuable in optimizing financial strategies and guiding clients through the intricacies of Medicaid planning.

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    A successful resolution and financial savings would not have been possible without their expertise. I am immensely grateful for their help and their willingness to “go the extra mile” and I have recommended their services to other friends and family in need of advice......

    Werner K.

    We want to thank you for your professional service and personal attention to us. What we thought would be a difficult and overwhelming task turned out to be a pleasant experience. We highly recommend Metro ElderCare......

    Henry C.

    Elaine and her staff are exceptional! Their knowledge and care made a very difficult process as “easy” as it could be. My family and I thank you Elaine, and everyone in your office......

    Jennifer S.

    Each time I get an email from you I am reminded of how grateful I am for your services on behalf of my cousin Paul and his wife Angelique. God has given you tremendous gifts in organizing, navigating, and connecting with people in need and you all use them so beautifully. I wonder if you know how many lives you have touched and made better by sharing your gifts? Let.....

    Mary (on behalf of Paul and Angelique)

    We can’t thank Metro ElderCare enough! Their patience, professionalism, and kindness are unparalleled! Our family highly recommends them. Thank you!.....

    Patrick T

    My friend Jenny went back to her family in Florida, after staying with me for 8 months, until the Medicaid came. There have been so many twists and turns during this four year journey with Mom. I could never have done it without Metro Elder Care Agency. You, Joy, Elaine and the phone staff have all been so kind, patient and understanding. You have encouraged me at times when I.....

    Tracey T.

    Rarely in the business do you meet people who are honest, professional, do business by a code of ethics and most importantly reliable. I can honestly say that Elaine is who you should call if your family needs help......

    Lenny K.

    On behalf of my Dad, Mom and Laura, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, proficiency and kindness you have afforded us while handling my Dad’s Medicaid case. You turned an overwhelming experience into a very manageable process by walking with us.....

    Charles C