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Metro's Mission

Connecting People to Care with Compassion

A caregiver standing beside an elderly woman in a wheelchair, both smiling joyfully in a bright, modern kitchen.

Connection? Compassion? Care?  At Metro Elder Care, our mission extends far beyond any single word – instead it encompasses the essence of connecting individuals to care with unwavering compassion.

Medicaid Planning is not just a segment of what we do; it’s the beginning of a comprehensive journey. From initial consultations to the meticulous stages of Medicaid planning, file preparation, and beyond, we commit to advocating for our clients’ best outcomes.

We recognize that Medicaid Planning is just one facet of senior care, and we take pride in being the ultimate advocates for seniors, providing care coordination that transcends the Medicaid process.

When we encounter individuals in need or crisis, our lifetime of experience in elder care coordination and Medicaid planning positions us as their trusted advocates. By deeply investing in planning and care, we engage early and consistently, ensuring optimal results for our seniors and their families.

Our friendly and confident team is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve, assuring them that they are in capable hands for the best results in Medicaid planning, care, and benefit fulfillment.

  • Our Vision

    In envisioning the future of Medicaid planning services, Metro Elder Care aspires to create a world of connected care, where compassion serves as the key binding every element. Our vision sees seniors and their families intricately connected to a network of support, guided by our unwavering empathy and expertise.

    Beyond being a part of the Medicaid journey, Metro Elder Care aims to be the driving force, consistently focused on achieving positive outcomes at every step. Through deep involvement in pre-planning, planning, and meticulous care implementation, our commitment is not just to navigate Medicaid but to steer it toward predictable and beneficial results for our senior clients and their families.

    Our vision imagines a world where every elder receives personalized attention, surrounded by dignity, compassion, and the assurance that their assets and legacy are protected. Success in our vision is measured not just by streamlined process, simplified paperwork or clarified details but by the profound clarity and comfort experienced by our clients and their families.

    Metro Elder Care’s Vision is to actively contribute to community well-being, ensuring seniors live their golden years with the highest standard of compassionate and connected care.