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10 Ideas For Seniors To Keep Active This Winter


Staying active and having a purpose or goal for the day helps people age better.
Even if it’s cold outside, there are plenty of activities to keep your seniors active. Read on for some fun suggestions.

1) Organize a Weekly Game Day – Choose a fun board game or card game and invite a few friends over each week to play. Pass the time with friends and enjoy a little competition in the process! You can continue the weekly game day into the warmer months by taking it outside on a deck or patio.

2) Learn How to Use Zoom – Zoom is a great way for seniors to stay connected to their loved ones especially when the weather is poor and you don’t want to travel. You can play games, host social gatherings or simply chit chat with family and friends. Spend an afternoon with your senior showing them how to use Zoom on their preferred device, such as a tablet so they can take it with them throughout the house. Leave written instructions for seniors to refer back to you when they are on their own.

3) Take an Online Class – Various universities offer free online classes for seniors. Enjoy the learning experience and explore a subject you are curious about. Online classes will help you build up your technology skills and maybe connect you to new friends.

4) Volunteer – Whether it’s a local animal shelter or a soup kitchen, volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to spend time for seniors. An animal shelter may even have animals available to foster as they await adoption. Soup kitchens or other charity organizations may even have activities or projects seniors can do at home such as knitting blankets for the homeless or making care packages. If your senior can still drive, consider volunteering for Meals on Wheels. This organization prepares and delivers meals to those who can’t leave their home. Get involved and brighten someone’s day!

 Join a Book Club – Whether it’s in person or via Zoom, seniors can enjoy talking with their peers about a new book or hosting a Bible Club with likeminded folks. Keep your mind sharp with some friendly debate! Explore different genres of books to open your mind to new ways of thinking and new ideas.

6) Try an Exercise Class – Enjoy some gentle movement and socialize with peers by trying a new exercise class. Swim aerobics is gentle on the joints and gentle chair yoga classes are accessible for most folks. Don’t want to leave your home? See if you can take the class on Zoom!

7) Enjoy Nature from Your Window – If you don’t already have them, install some bird and squirrel feeders outside and keep them stocked throughout the winter months. Either get outside for a breath of fresh air or watch the animals from your cozy living room. Stepping outside for some fresh air also lets seniors get a little vitamin D from the sun which is super healthy.

8) Try Some Arts & Crafts – Take a trip to your local craft store and get creative! Maybe get supplies to scrapbook or paint a new coffee mug. You can even go outside and collect some pinecones and branches for a beautiful winter arrangement.

9) Consider Making a Legacy Project – Get creative and create a lasting memory to pass down for generations. It could be as simple as making a photo collage. Or perhaps you want to create an online family tree using an ancestry website. If you enjoy writing, consider writing your life story and record any memories you have or reflections about your life and/or historical events.

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