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Fall Tips For Seniors


As we move into Fall and the weather gets colder, seniors are at higher risk for falls or accidents.

Simple exercises and quick home improvements can go a long way in preventing falls.

Read on for more tips to prevent accidents this fall!

1. Incorporate Simple Exercises

If your doctor approves, consider adding in simple activities like walking, water workouts or even tai chi to get the body moving and build up strength.

Chair yoga is another accessible exercise for those with mobility issues. Gentle exercise works not only to build strength but also to increase balance, coordination and flexibility, lowering the chance of falling or being seriously injured in a fall.

If you don’t know where to start, a doctor may be able to recommend you to a physical therapist who can design a program tailored to your needs and activity levels.

2. Keep Your House Well Lit

Making sure your house is well lit at all times can prevent you from tripping over items left on the ground. Some easy ways to add more lighting would be to add night lights in your bedroom, bathroom and hallways. You can also keep a lamp near your bed so that if you need to get up in the middle of the night the light is close by.

Make sure all light switches are clearly visible. Glow in the dark light switches are a great alternative to standard switches. In addition, always keep flashlights easily accessible in case the power goes out and be sure to turn on any lights before using stairs or steps.

3. Eliminate Home Hazards

For those seniors living alone it is especially important to examine common living areas, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and stairwells for hazards that may cause falls. Remove boxes, newspapers and cords/wires from walkways.

Tables, racks and plants should only be placed in areas of low traffic. Loose rugs should be secured with double sided tape or slip resistant backing. Make sure that your floors are in good shape and any repairs are completed as soon as possible.

Make a point to keep common household items like clothes, dishes and food within easy reach and make sure any spills are cleaned up right away. In the bathroom use non slip mats, especially in the shower. A bath seat is a great option for inside the shower as well.

4. Wear Proper Shoes and Use Assistive Devices

High heels, slippers and shoes without grip often cause falls. Walking in socks is also hazardous. Be sure that your shoes both fit and have non-skid soles. If you have been prescribed a cane or walker, be sure to use them as often as you can.

To make it easier to use these devices you may consider installing handrails in your stairwell and using non-slip treads for wooden steps. Elevated toilet seats and grab bars in the bathroom are also very helpful.
Investing in fall prevention is well worth it to protect your health and wellbeing this winter. Avoid accidents and costly trips to the hospital by incorporating these simple tips.

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