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Spring Home Safety Tips For Seniors


Happy Spring!

Spring is in the air and this month we bring you some home safety tips to make sure that your home stays hazard free.

Please read and share with those you care about and love.

Accidents in the home are a major cause of injury for seniors. Senior citizens are particularly susceptible to injury since bones become more brittle with age. Even a simple stumble or fall can cause a broken bone that could be difficult to mend.

There are several areas that you should consider and that you should check for safety periodically. We think that SPRING is a great time to spring forward and make sure that the place you live in is safe.

Make Home Safety Your Goal This Spring. Here Are A Few Tips To Get You Started.

1. Start by taking a good look around your primary living areas and make sure that all your furniture is sturdy and securely in place. You will want to make sure NOT to lean on furniture when moving about unless it is bolted to a wall, or you are certain it will not shift position.
2. Use chairs that you can get in and out of easily.
3. Do not pile up newspapers and magazines, as these can sometimes become fire and slip hazards.
4. Put away dishes when finished with their use.
5. Provide good and adequate lighting, both during the day and into the evening to make sure you can see clearly.
6.. Keep chimneys and fireplaces free of leaves and other debris. Call someone to help you with this type of clean out.
7. Replace any existing doorknobs with lever handles, when possible, to make sure you can easily get in and out of rooms.

Tune in next month for more tips! Until then, we wish you a happy spring! Get outside and enjoy the fresh air!